At first glance Monarch Tractor’s Alpha Prototype may seem like a machine that will never work on your farm. I know a farmer who said that about autosteering 15 years ago. Try to take it away from him now!

The California-based global ag tech company received a patent for a prototype tractor that features what’s called a “mobile power conversion and distribution system.” What the Alpha Prototype ( “Alpha”) represents is a multipurpose, sharable, mobile power delivery system for agriculture, spokespeople say. The power module integrated within the Alpha provides mobility, rotary power and electrical power from a single zero-emissions platform. The tractor can collect power from solar panels, wind turbines or intermittent electrical grids, store it onboard in a battery, and deliver it upon demand.

The company says the tractor can be rented, tracked and updated via a cell network. Several Alpha Prototype modules can be tied together to form a micro-grid with scaled-up output capability. Dubbed a “Swiss army knife” for ag power by the company, it was successfully tested for a year in India. Even if you’re not ready to park your diesel tractor and order one, check out more at

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