Entrepreneur Podcast Network features Monarch CEO Praveen Penmetsa

Praveen Penmetsa joined Enterprise Radio to talk about how Monarch is changing the face of agriculture. Praveen and host Eric Dye to discuss the Monarch team, mission, and what is next for the Monarch Tractor. Find out more and listen to the podcast here. About Entrepreneur Podcast Network Whether you are a seasoned business professional [...]

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Monarch’s Growing Alliance with Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd.

Monarch would like to extend our sincere thanks to Hiroshi Otsuka (President & CEO), Ryotaro Shima (Strategic Advisor), and everyone at Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co.,Ltd. for their commitment and investment in the Monarch movement. We look forward to a successful relationship growing the future endeavors of Monarch. Find out more about Mushashi, the strategic partnership, [...]

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Monarch Tractor Named 2020 Tractor of the Year

Monarch is proud to be recognized by the AgTech Breakthrough Awards as the 2020 Tractor of the Year. AgTech Breakthrough is a market intelligence organization that recognizes leading companies and products in every sector of AgTech each year. We are thrilled to have our fully electric, data-driven, and driver optional tractor acknowledged for paving the [...]

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Monarch Tractor’s 2020 Partner Series Applications Open – SOLD OUT

Monarch Tractor has sold out our Partnership series for 2020. Contact Monarch for more opportunities. The Monarch Tractor is a fully electric smart tractor platform, Monarch has best in class plow, till, and hauling capabilities with driver optional and data analytics functions. The Monarch tractor platform combines mechanization, automation, and data analysis to enhance [...]

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Motivo Announces Independent Company, Monarch Tractor

Motivo Engineering announced the newly formed Monarch Tractor. The seed for this new company was the Motivo patented HARVEST tractor, originally developed as an USAID funded project. The project had been in development and testing in the U.S and India for the past five years. Monarch Tractor was incorporated and funded as a separate entity [...]

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Monarch Tractor at the 2018 World Ag Expo

Monarch Tractor continued its rapid ascension in the AgTech space, sparking the imaginations of visionary farmers from across the globe and garnering multiple live television interviews at the 2018 World Ag Expo in Tulare, California. The world’s largest outdoor agricultural exposition, which is held annually at the International Agri-Center in Tulare, connected more than 100,000 [...]

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Latest Monarch Tractor Patent Is Advancing Global AgTech

Monarch Tractor announced their latest patent, US 10,046,641 B2, for a vehicle in the form of a tractor that features a Mobile Power Conversion and Distribution System. The system is showcased on their tractor titled Alpha Prototype , a Monarch Tractor concept that was developed and deployed for testing through a Powering Agriculture Grant from [...]

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A Conversation With Praveen Penmetsa, CEO/Founder Of Monarch Tractor

Some ideas seem so right and so obvious that their execution seems inevitable. Monarch Tractor Founder and CEO Praveen Penmetsa has put together a team of engineers and developers who are bringing farming into the digital age. I was invited to Monarch Tractor’s headquarters for a look at one of the Alpha Prototypes of their [...]

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Tomorrow’s Tractor Could Run On Sunshine

At first glance Monarch Tractor's Alpha Prototype may seem like a machine that will never work on your farm. I know a farmer who said that about autosteering 15 years ago. Try to take it away from him now! The California-based global ag tech company received a patent for a prototype tractor that features what’s [...]

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Monarch Tractor’s Patented Alpha Power Conversion System

Monarch Tractor announced its latest patent for a vehicle in the form of a tractor that features a mobile power conversion and distribution system. The system is showcased on Monarch Tractor's prototype unit, deemed the Alpha Prototype, a Monarch Tractor concept that was developed and deployed for testing through a Powering Agriculture Grant from USAID. [...]

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