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Our Vision

Utilize 21st century technology to empower farmers by enabling profitable implementation of sustainable & organic practices. Our tractor platform combines mechanization, automation, and data analysis to enhance farmer’s existing operations, alleviate labor shortages, and maximize yields.

Farmers First

We are building a smart tractor that will enhance (not replace) the existing farm ecosystem, alleviate labor availability and cost issues, and provide an avenue for competitive organic and other unique farming applications. Additionally, we take privacy seriously. Any data collected on a farmer’s field is theirs to keep, sell to others, or delete at their discretion.

Traditional Tractor Applications

Despite it’s cutting edge tech, the Monarch Tractor still has best in class plow, till, and hauling capabilities. It’s also backwards compatible with all standard 3 point hitch implements and includes rear PTO. With the addition of smart technology on the platform, farmers are utilizing their existing implements with increased accuracy and precision. 

Data & Analysis

Our tractor platform acts as a full data collection and analysis suite, enhancing existing growing operations and providing superior precision to farmers globally. This data facilitation also brings opportunities for process & regulatory compliance automation, allowing farmers and various agencies to spend time increasing yields, not paperwork.

Farm and Environmental Health

Using state of the art hardware and machine learning, the Monarch is able to autonomously use implements, identify and eliminate plant ailments, and estimate yields. We’ve replaced harmful chemicals with mechanical and organic solutions to keep your crops, consumers, and the surrounding environment pristine.

With our advanced green energy and autonomy technology, we are solving real world problems and bringing farming into the digital age.

The Monarch Team

Praveen Penmetsa

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Co-founder: Motivo Engineering
  • Startup Advisor On Product Strategy And Seed Investor

Dr. Zachary Omohundro

  • Chief Technology Officer
  • PhD In Robotics From Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute
  • Developed Multiple Farm Robots & Autonomous Vehicles

Mark Schwager

  • President
  • Operations Leadership In Tesla, Zoox, And Romeo Power
  • Expert In Factory Site Selection, Setup, And Startup

Carlo Mondavi

  • Chief Farming Officer
  • Expert Viticulturist With Experience In Organic, Biodynamic, And Permaculture Farming
  • 4th Generation Winegrower

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